The Black Pearl MkII is a gem. First notice when its installed, WOW the weight it brings to the music is special. Not just weight, but the details and separation is first class. Staging expanded and very airy yet detail high frequencies.

Those improvements are still controlled, that perhaps the most special aspect of the Black Pearl MKII.

I can't say much, but to my tastes and ears it sounds just right!

Rudy - Bandung.

In my system, the improvement made by the cables was not subtle! Details, transparencies, layering, depth are all gone up several notches. All well controlled, focus which is unbeatable and detailed quiet background making the Vermouth as my favorite cables so far on my Audio Hi End journey.

The later version and model of Vermouth always better the predecessors. Not only the sound quality, but Hendry seems to go for perfection also improving the physical appearance of his products. They do look superbly expensive!!

A real high end statement, I cannot wait to see what comes next from Vermouth.

Great job guys!


David - Temanggung.

This is my 2nd testimonial.

Being a veteran in the audio industry since year 2000 I have been collecting series of audio related experience with countless brands.

And when it comes to cables I have been using the likes of Shunyata Anaconda, Phyton, Black Mamba etc.

First time I set my eyes on the Vermouth, I played it down. Logically it would be impossible for local entry level cables to compete with the big boys of the industry such as The One and Technology Magic. Guess what, I was blown away by the Vermouth, disbelief I was.

I own several cables which outperform the Vermouth, but they cost 4-5x the price with just perhaps minuscule improvements. That whats make Vermouth cabling so special. I thought to myself, if Vermouth was to make cables which cost 4-5x the price such as the big boys, they could potentially and arguably make the best cables in the world.

Does it work that way? I can never answer.

In the end of the day I have sold all my expensive cables to funds my other investment (Vermouth cables).

Not only cables, Hendry also offers DIY equipments which are as appealing as his cables.


I did lose interest a little with the hobby, but with my Vermouth experience it seems like my passion towards my hobby got revived. Keep up the great work, thanks for making quality affordable.


David Prayogo - Jakarta

I had been very curious about this particular Vermouth cables. A journey to find the perfect speaker cables was long and windy coloured by prejudices, tastes and considerations. Maybe its a journey without any holy grail since there is no such thing as perfection. All that I know often in this hobby and industry, quality comes with a price and I mean huge bang for cash. With those thoughts in mind I pursued my curiousity and eagerness in acquiring the Vermouth. Not expecting anything magical, but here I go replacing Rega speaker cables.

When it arrived, I was very impressed by the feel of it. Dash of luxury which normally compliments millions of Rupiah items. Once installed, the performance even swept me more. Rega being toyed around like a ragged doll, as the Vermouth outperforms them in every spectrums. You name it; focus, vocal, staging, weight, its live, and most importantly soulful.

A very worthy investment for the price. Almost a sin not to give it a try.

Cdp Moon Cdp5

Loudspeaker Speaker Reference 3a l'int

Chris - Jakarta

What are you looking when buying hiend cables? What type audiophiles are you? Is the brand more important than the sound you are looking for? Do you buy cable to boost your prestige?

My few of cable is like other part in the equipment chain, it has to be able to deliver the signal honestly and yet have to be able to convey the message of music convincingly. Do you like it or not every cable has their own color and the synergy of using is very important in hiend system.

My experience with the Red Velvet interconnect tells me that Vermouth cable is nice. It is easy on the ears, on the warm side of neutral and have decent resolution and air.

In this hiend jungle everyone seems making cable like no tomorrow but only a few able to make it worth. I have to admit that cable cosmetics play important role in making first impression. Vermouth does a very nice job in terms of design and constructions. The RCA plug of Black Pearl is just a delight to look at.

I am very curious The Black Pearl, since it is a step above the Red Velvet interconnects. About 5 months ago I hear the first Black Pearl prototype; Although it has dynamic, lively personality and good controlled bottom end, it is not likeable as The Red Velvet. It miss the flowing musicality and open soundstage presentation of The Red Velvet.

The new version The Black Pearl doesn't have my objection of the prototype. The new Black Pearl have all the Red Velvet midrange moist with wonderfull fullness, control and coherence. Music become integral, we are not constantly force to analyze but able to enjoy music without missing accuracy and dynamic.

The Black Pearl is not embarassed when compared to the big boys in the house; Cardas Clear, Skogrand or even Genesis Absolute Fidelity , The Cardas Clear seems more into fullness and density but lacked speed and air of the Black Pearl. The Skogrand have impressive coherency but too polite compare to the Black Pearl. The Black Pearl is closed to the Genesis Absolute Fidelity which is more transparent and resolution to the Black Pearl, but not as full and solid as the Black Pearl. Please note that The Genesis Absolute Fidelty interconnects is about 5x time the price of Black Pearl! Which say a lot about Black Pearl caliber. So if you like a cable that is sweet to the music and want some resolution and detail like "Versace" brand and cannot afford it why don't give "Vermouth" a try? Your wallet will thank you.

"Triode Dick" Indonesian Senior Audiophile - Jakarta

I came to Sinfonia Audio looking for a good speaker cable to upgrade my system at home. At that time of my visit, I apparently saw an eye catching red speaker cable, but then I thought it must cost quite lot of money. To my curiosity, I asked Hendry to play some music with it and asked the price of the cable. It was to my surprise that the price is actually cheap, which just about US$300. Honestly, Im really pleased with the cable appearance and very much spoiled with the fact that the sound quality is beyond my expectation. After 60 hours break-in process, I compared this cable with my cables collection which are 4 to 6x higher in price. The Red Velvets sound is very exquisite, it shows unique sound signature that other cables dont have. One can experience relaxed and focused sound and actually can get the privilege of real- singer-presentation, smooth without losing the micro detail, and more to it, huge and neat soundstage. I still cant believe how you can design this piece of elegant cable, given such shockingly affordable price, yet very successful in showing superb sound quality and appearance.

Todd - Bali

First impression when I got the cables, WOW! It got the ultra high end built and look costing over $10,000. Connectors were solid and classy, even inside the sleeves, the termination was simply top class! Special Cold Forging termination for both ends, what more could you ask for. It may looked big and fat, but these Vermouth Red Velvet pair was actually quite flexible. Now the sound. First time they were being made sing before breaking in. To my ears, they sounded very natural in the mid frequency. Airy and extended highs with no harshness at all. Bass were deep and low yet controlled. Staging was the thing that took me by surprise for cables costing only $300. Those were the sound characteristics before breaking in. U spent 7 days in breaking them in. Afterwards took the Nordost Tyr to go head to head against the Red Velvet. Red Velvet sounded fuller, and more natural than the Nordost. Tyr perhaps better the Red Velvet in the high frequencies area with more detail. But Red Velvet provided my system with more control over all frequencies. Bass from Red Velvet were deeper and tight with proper weight. Staging as expected, the Red Velvet beat the Tyr in flying colours, no competition here. Besides the amazing grand staging which easily fills up the room, the Red Velvet offered the best of emotion from every recording I played. Emotion of the recording was conveyed well when tested the cables for the first time, very impressive For the price, I would recommend this pair to any one looking for speaker cables even within a much higher price point. 4-6x more expensive cables, you just got yourself a little big competition!

Jonathan - Jakarta

I have been always a Vermouth Snow White user and fan. Speakers which I was putting to the test was the B&W DM14 with modified Vermouth Binding Post and Spendor 8SE. Speaker cables I used to compete with the new Red Velvet was Harmonic Tech Pro 9 Ref Full Range and Bi-wire which cost 4 times the price back in 2005. From price point surely its not very fair, but I could not care less. If was not shocked, I had not got any other clue what gotten in to me when I heard the Red Velvet. Hands down the attributes of my $300 RV beat the expensive reputable Harmonic Technology to pieces. Much wider staging, more organic vocal without being too analytical. I was well buoyed and am impressed. I rarely experience and come across a product so good which can make give me a goosebumps. Price to me normally indicates quality, but Red Velvet slapped me in the face as if saying that I was wrong. How could a $300 cables beat a $1200 one to dust?! I am still disbelieving. Red Velvet has a unique laid back yet emotional character, which really got me hooked. As I normally find that a laid back character cables tend to be less emotional and have less transient and attack. But with Red Velvet, nope, you get all. Ridiculous? I thought so too...but give it a try. The connectors were crafted fine, complimenting the already stirling cable quality. At the end of the day, huge cables with huge performance improvement offerings. I would not think twice to recommend this marvelous weapon of choice.

David Prayogo - Jakarta

I can’t really write much since I am new in this high end audio hobby. All I noticed was a greater vocal clarity, every notes and instruments placed and presented where they should be, music got weight to it, soft extended high frequencies, bass which got low and controlled. Singger got better at singing I thought! Although these boys are thick they are still fairly flexible. The grand look is complimented by grand performance! Bada DC222Tube Upgraded by Vermouth Marantz UD 7006 Usher Audio Be-718 Mogami Vermouth Interconnect Vermouth Red Velvet Speaker Cable Chord Company Power Cable

Rinaldi - BSD City

I have always been wanting to try the Vermouth Black Curse speaker cables but never had the chance. Now they introduced the new Vermouth Red Velvet, I didnt think twice and instantly ordered a 10 feet pair for my Audio Video Receiver SR5006. Physical impression of the cable, fat and heavy like a fire hose. First impression, clarity beyond expectation, quietness of the background and seriously a big improvement to my old cables. The more I play the cable, the more detail and clarity I get. Not a single regret given to this purchase! TOP cables no doubt. I bet you this will soon pop out in some review magazines and pass with flying colours.

Topaz Kuntadi - Jogjakarta

16 January 2013 I ordered a pair of the latest edition of Vermouth Red Velvet speaker cables. Waited impatiently and finally one afternoon after work the package arrived! Surprise when I picked up the box, as it was heavier than I thought. Opened it and found a massive thick anaconda-like cable. Straight away plugged them into the system and let it run for over 200 hours. After breaking in process, I was blown away by the improvement they introduced. The differences are day and night with this cable, my system jumped up another level like in video games. Natural and organic are probably the best attributes that the RV should claim as their main strengths. Mid is very natural focused and funny sweet sounding but neutral! Hard to explain. Hi soft but extended and airy. Bass goes deep, low, controlled well and filled up my listening room. The sound of drums got real and took my breath away. Instruments detail at the background were exposed like never been before. Was listening to "Yao Si ting", and sure this cables made me sit longer on my couch. After all that's what good system does to you...

To my ears and opinion though tis is perhaps the most expensive cables along the Vermouth offerings, the value for money is just superb. It takes you just one song of listening session to agree with me (well I hope).

Suwito - Jakarta

After burning in process, Vermouth Snow White mid range aspect gained a tonality that delivered a more realistic performance filled with subtle nuances and brings out an extra layer of detail. I found excellent balance top to bottom and yet, there was a vast amount of detail in the mids that clarified voices, rendering previously buried background vocals. There was none of the overblown, "spotlighted" detail that you may have noted in some systems; only a nice relaxed naturalness. Which brings me a very deep soundstaging and staging. VERY RECOMENDED CD PLAYER : ONKYO INTEGRA DX 7711 MODIFIED WITH 5687 TUBE BUFFER. PRE AMP : DIY PASSIVE POWER AMP : DIY 300B SINGLE ENDED MONOBLOCK SPEAKER : SONUS FABER CONCERTINO INTERCONNECT : CARDAS TWINLINK SERIES / VERMOUTH SNOW WHITE RHODIUM SERIES SPEAKER CABLE : VAN DEN HULL POWER CORD : VAN DEN HULL

Hendra - Jakarta

I auditioned the Black Pearl and Snow White which have been burned in for around 100 hrs. In my simple minimalistic system, the cables bring something relaxing to my setup. Softing edgy sounds, and it surely make live recording alive. Chord Cobra 3 and Tara Labs RSC? Got left behind by miles...from dimensionality, weight and etc the Vermouth outperformed them. Having said that, those competitors cost a third of Vermouth cablings. A friend brought in TaraLabs RSC, both are dynamic in my respect but the Black Pearl won the race with its better staging, separation and control. Now against the Snow White, the RSC gives a more extended high, but at some point when you put the volume up it tends to harshen to sound quality. Whereas the Snow White with it naturally warm mid range and tight bass would perhaps suit me better with a nice relaxing warm non fatigue-ing sound. For depth, dimensionality and control Snow White to my ears remain far more superior. However I have to mention regarding physical presentation of these cables; Black Pearl: luxurious! The sleeving, wooden cube and all gave you a nice luxury touch for these cables. The Snow White on the other side are very stiff and not easily bent.

Azamat - Jakarta

After 2 weeks of burning in time, the Vermouth Black Pearl started to show its class and quality. Overall, it a well balanced cable across all frequencies, very impressive and pleasing the ears. Mid is well presented, neat staging, detailed yet soft high and tight low frequencies are the traits I could describe. There is a sense of righteousness that comes with the cables, that

Ferry - Jakarta

First impression was very memorable and noticeable. Compared to the Black Pearl, the Red Velvet has a much more laidback, less detailed, and soft bass characters and traits. But again this is what I look for in high end audio cables, the laid back and weight in the mid frequency. The two of the most utmost important judgements criteria which I think is unforgivable to miss. After couple days of burning in period like suggested, I was surprised with the improvement in performance. A significant differences in mid which got more natural, high in detail, and the most noticeable was the low freq and soundstage. Compared to other brands I had in the past such as Van Den Hul, Chord and Kimber, Red Velvet is more preferable to my ears. A great cable, good work bro. Raysonic CD168 Usher R1.5 Usher Be-718

Azamat - Jakarta

I didn't expect much when Red Velvet came in the mail. When they were installed I was not impressed, in fact was a bit disappointed especially with the dull high frequency. Listening to HR's advice to let it settle for sometime to burn in I thought I had nothing to lose and decided to do that. 1 day it sounded forgivable and after 3 days it got much better than the first time when I got them in. A WOW factor that let my jaw dropped. Its true characters are reveiled and funnily it did perform beyond my expectation instead.. It sounded velvety smooth like its name, easy on the ears yet still wow you in so many different ways. high frequency is extended, mid is presented full body, lush and liquidy like and low remains tight and controlled. Compared to my previous Siltech NewYork and Kimber Hero, the RV proves to be the winner out of the bunch to my ears and my system. Truly a great cable I would easily recommend to all.. Thanks. Test Rig: CEC TL-51X CD Transport Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 DAC Audio Research LS-15 Pre Amp Audio Research VT60SE Power Amp Sonus Faber Minima FM2

Michael Igor - Jakarta

When it got in, I was purely being let down. Was not happy in every single aspects with this dull and horrible sounding cables. 5 hours went by with this cables connecting each and every equipments in my system, and funny, it did transformed into a butterfly. Compared to my shark, RedVelvet triumph in terms of details and transparency, but when it comes to bass Shark is better. To Chord cobra, its not even a match...not worth describing the day and night gap between the two...hands down to the RV RV remains strong in terms of smoothness that is for sure, guess thats vermouth got the name. battled with several other brands, the RV holds his head up high and won the battle. I love this cable, especially when it comes to price and value ratio...worth every penny

Hendra - Jakarta