29 Jun 2018

Product Details

     Red Velvet MkII is the our latest technological advancement in cables form. It may seem simple but the work behind the wire has a very long working hours and drops of sweat to produce. Our first Red Velvet design was a big success, measured by comparing performance to price, one word to describe its life was perhaps “phenomenal”. The second generation we have to admit tough to produce, given the first’s performance we find it hard to improve the already astounding ground, most importantly within the same price bracket. We upgraded the shielding conductor materials to UPOCC for greater signal transfer. Teflon insulation and the multisize UPOCC inner core conductor for better electrical parameters. Last but not least, out implementation of flexible outer jacket gives us extra flexibility to fit any tightest space behind your audio equipments. Our Red Velvet MkII cables are using the same premium grade RCA plugs as adopted by the award winning Black Pearl MkII.

     The sound? enough of marketing gimmick. We refuse to give descriptions, as what you might encounter is personal and down to individuals’ perceptions. All we can say, for the price we are proud and confident to say that they will convey music and move your emotion soulfully.